On The Brink Of…..Exactly

So instead of coming on here and telling you guys what my next project is….. I am going to have a real genuine moment. Creatively I have been feeling “On the Brink Of” , I know you look at that and you wonder what the heck does “On The Brink Of ” mean?  Well, its exactly what it looks like. It’s a state of always being on the verge of doing something but never really actually following through. Or, perhaps you may follow through with whatever the thought, idea, or project is, but when you do , your execution isn’t to its fullest potential.

This state of being,  has been detrimental to nobody else but myself. In fact, being “On The Brink Of”, is a very dangerous place for dreams, visions, and goals. When in this state, all you do is house your potential. So not only are you being selfish to yourself, but you are also being selfish to the world because you are not sharing your assignment or divinely assigned gifts. Therefore, how can the functions of this world operate when you are here to contribute but you are not giving as you can, and as you should?

Well here’s what I have learned,  the world will go on with, or without you.  Its up to you to make the most out of every opportunity, so that you receive the best out of  life. Half stepping and operating in fear, can no longer be the reason you miss your season!

This is what I have been telling myself as of lately. No more “On The Brink Of” attitude , jump in and give it your all so that you reap what you sow. Sow nothing, reap nothing! You may have talent, but hardwork beats talent every day.



  1. Excellent Read……thank you…….so let the hands be quick to act on an Awesome plan that will bring true strength to the unified Human Beings on Turtle Island. Drive change for the sake of our wondrous Creator….bringing long lasting Peace and safety to all the children…love n hugs from an old Mohawk bear


  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Chelsea! Am excited to learn more about your own personal jumps on this site AND also to being taking my own.


  3. Amazing… being someone who has always felt like I was “On the Brink” this spoke to me in a major way…even when I didn’t have a million ideas and just felt like my life was one step away from an actual just state of happiness I never got to that point of making it a reality..everydsy I find someth OK ng to motivatee to keep moving toward my goals and today this was it so thank you and keep up the great work.

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  4. I solely agree Chelsea Deline, no need to stall nor delay what you want to do. Go ahead and attack your project in a positive prospective and that feeling of being on the Brink of will no longer exist..

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  5. We are all always on the brink….our purpose in life
    Is not to make it a part of it. We are to strive for a level playing field.


  6. We are all always on the brink….our purpose in life
    Is not to make it a part of our everyday lives. We are to strive for a level playing field.


  7. I’m in agreement with you in that “you may have talent, but hard work beats talent every day!” Go for what you set out to accomplish. Good read & encouraging!

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