And he does this without me asking because he always has cared and will care. 

A lot of times to us God cares more than we would like him to because we are so focused on our desires for now  and not later . We’re always in the moment and not really thinking ahead. However, you really have to trust the plan that God has for you. Trusting, also comes with being taught patience because things won’t happen over night. There is always work to be done, and there are lessons that must be taught and learned. In order for you and I to get to the next level and stay there, we must be equipped. That is why you have to trust the process. This year thus far, has made my eyes and ears understand what it means to have love from God that surpasses understanding. Instead of fighting to figure out all the answers while they are in the works by the best creator there is, I’m just going to do my part which is working hard and allowing grace to cover me. I may not like that no right now, but if I have patience I will tomorrow. 🌸 #PetalsOfPositivity 🌸


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