Juels Pierrot Curator Of Moxie 1973

On April 1st 2017, Jersey City will be graced by the presence of Moxie 1973’s Juice Hip Hop Exhibition. This cultural label on the rise, has been curated by Jersey City native himself , Julian  (Juels)  Pierrot .

During his collegiate year at Alabama A&M  University, Juels recognized that although the campus had everything on lock education wise, the social life was thirsting for something different and unique. While many of his friends, classmates, and associates were from various parts of the country, he recognized that one of the main commonalties amongst them all, was “Hip Hop”. Juels then began to develop a means to get everyone in the same room representing their culturally formed version of hip hop calling it “Who Got Bars – The Juice Hip Hop Exhibition”.  Performers would engage in battle raps also known as ciphers to see who had the best rhymes. Winners would be based on the audience as the judge.

From small sets on campus, Juels managed to grow “Who Got Bars” to off campus locations big enough to house audiences from Alabama A&M University, and neighboring schools. Soon there after Juels would graduate and continue on his work with the Brooklyn  Hip img_0565Hop Festival in Brooklyn, New York, and  in his hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey.  Check out our interview below to hear more about his journey, and what to expect when you come out to Moxie 1973’s – “Juice Hip hop Exhibition”.






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