Meet Chels D

Chelsea (Chels D)  Deline, is an  On-Air Personality Journalist, and Actress. She is a graduate of Kean University with a BA in Communication Studies. Since high school Chels D has earned credits in theatre and more recently tv production. Her talents have taken her to Performing Artist United,  National Black Theatre Festival, Winston Salem, NC, BET Networks Vh1(Eastern TV), and The View (1Iota) .   With a passion for urban culture, music, photography and fashion, Chels D has created an outlet to shed light on the talented people behind the scenes.

My goal is to spread love and positivity. When everything we do stems from a place of love and peace,  slowly but surely we make the world a better place. I think its time that creatives who spend their energy investing in  themselves and  their work get the recognition they deserve. At the end of the day as an artist, though we enjoy what we do, our work isn’t for ourselves alone, its for the people. In fact the greatest joy, for an artist, is knowing that you’ve moved someone and that your message was received.  Highlighting creatives, allows me to be used as an instrument in their success, which in return brings me my success. There is no secret that this world goes round and once you come to that realization, you become open and free to receive what the world has to offer. I am a creative, and as a creative  to receive support, you have to support your support” .

So Lets Kick It!

– Chels D



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